Council Tax

Each resident is responsible for the setting up and payment of Council Tax.


Each apartment/house has an aerial connection from a communal supply that the Management Company maintains. Each householder/tenant is responsible for their own cable TV supplier. No additional connections are permitted including satellite dishes without the express permission from the Management Company.

Telephone & internet

Connection points are within each house/apartment. Each householder/tenant is responsible for their own telephone and internet supplier. With regards to the Broadband system, all works have now been completed by Virgin Media and Spindlewood so to ensure you can connect you must sign up with the provider.  You can register online here – https://mobius-internet.com/home


Each apartment/house has its own electricity meter and account and each householder/tenant is responsible for their own electricity supplier. The Management Company pays for the electricity to the shared corridors, courtyards, and communal areas at The Bank.

Energy meter readings are conducted monthly by the concierge and taken at the end of the month. The electricity meter for each apartment is in a communal riser cupboard on each floor and can only be accessed by the concierge. If you require a reading for any purpose, please ask the concierge and they will be happy to provide it.


There is no gas supply to The Bank development.


The water supply to each apartment is the responsibility of the householder/tenant.

Water meters are located outside each apartment near to the front door and accessed through a hatch which is opened with the long black key provided to each resident. If you require a replacement key, please contact the concierge and one will be provided.


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